Julian Civil  
1 14 Church New Year. St. Symeon Stylites (the Elder) and his mother St. Martha . (The services to the Saint and for the New Year are combined.) (Vespers only) Martyr Aeithalas of Persia. Holy 40 Women Martyrs and Martyr Ammon the deacon and their teacher, at Heraclea in Thrace. Martyrs Callista and her brothers Evodus and Hermogenes at Nicomedia. Righteous Joshua the Son of Nun. St. Meletius the New of Greece. New-Martyr Angelis of Constantinople. Commemoration of the Great Fire at Constantinople about 470 A.D. Synaxis of the Most Holy Theotokos in Miasena. (Greek Calendar: St. Evanthia. St. Nicholas of Crete, monk.) "Chernigov-Gethsemane" Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos.
2 15 Martyr Mama of Caesarea in Cappadocia, and his parents, Martyrs Theodotus and Rufina [Rom 8:28-39; Jn 15:1-7]. St. John the Faster, Patriarch of Constantinople. 3,618 Martyrs who suffered at Nicomedia. Righteous Eleazar, son of Aaron, and Righteous Phineas. (Greek Calendar: Martyrs Aeithalas and Ammon of Thrace.) "Kaluga" Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos.
3 16 Hieromartyr Anthimus, Bishop of Nicomedia, and those with him: Martyrs Theophilus deacon, Dorotheus, Mardonius, Migdonius, Peter, Indes, Gorgonius, Zeno, Virgin Domna, and Euthymius St. Theoctistus, fellow-faster with St. Euthymius the Great. (services combined) Martyr Aristion, Bishop of Alexandria. Martyr Basilissa of Nicomedia. St. Pheobe, deaconess at Cenchreae near Corinth. Blessed John "the Hairy", fool-for-Christ at Rostov. St. Ioannicius, Archbishop of Serbia. New-Martyr Polydorus of Cyprus. Martyr Edward of England . (Greek Calendar: Martyrs Chariton and Archontinus. Emperor Constantine the New.) Repose of Priest Peter, fool-for-Christ of Uglich (1866).
4 17 Hieromartyr Babylas, Bishop of Antioch, and with him Martyrs Urban, Prilidian, and Epolonius and their mother Christodula [Heb 11:33-40; Lk 12:32-40]. Holy Prophet and God-seer Moses. Opening of the Relics of St. Ioasaph, Bishop of Belgorod (also December 10). Martyr Babylas of Nicomedia, and with him 84 children. Martyrs Theodore, Mianus (Ammianus), Julian, Kion (Oceanus), and Centurionus of Nicomedia. Martyr Hermione, daughter of St. Philip the Deacon. St. Petronius of Egypt, disciple of St. Pachomius the Great. (Greek Calendar: Martyrs Theotimus and Theodulus the executioners. Martyr Charitina of Amisus. Martyrs Thathuil and Bebaia of Edessa.) Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "The Unburnt Bush".
5 18 Holy Prophet Zacharias and Righteous Elizabeth, parents of St. John the Forerunner [Heb 6:13-20; Matt 23:29-39]. Martyrs Urban, Theodore, Medimnus, and 77 Companions at Nicomedia. Martyr Abdias (Abidas) of Persia. Martyr Sarbelus of Edessa. Martyrs Ththuil (Thithail) and his sister Bebaia. Virgin Martyr Rhais (Raisa) of Alexandria. Martyrs Juventius and Maximus at Antioch. Appearance of the Holy Apostle Peter to Emperor Justinian at Athira near Constantinople. Martyrdom of Holy Passion-bearer Gleb, in holy baptism David. Martyrdom of St. Athanasius, abbot of Brest, by the Latins.
6 19 Commemoration of the Miracle of the Archangel Michael at Colossae (Chonae) Martyr Eudoxius and those with him: Martyrs Romulus, Zeno, Macarius and 11,000 others in Armenia. St. Archippus of Herapolis. Martyrs Cyriacus, Faustus, Abibus, and 11 others at Alexandria. Hieromartyr Cyril, Bishop of Gortyna. St. David of Hermpolis in Egypt. Martyrs Calodote, Macarius, Andrew, Cyriacus, Dionysius, Andrew the soldier, Andropelagia, Thecla, Theoctistus, and Sarapabon the senator, in Egypt. Repose of Paisius the New of Mt. Athos (1871).
7 20 Martyr Sozon of Cilicia St. John, Archbishop and Wonderworker of Novgorod. Martyr Eupsychius of Caesarea in Cappadocia. Apostles Evodus (Euodias) and Onesiphorus of the Seventy. St. Luke, abbot near Constantinople. Martyrdom of St. Macarius, archimandrite of Kanev. St. Cloud (Clodoald), abbot-founder of Nogent-sur-Seine near Paris. New-Martyr priest John Maslovsky. Repose of Elder Macarius of Optina (1860).
8 21 THE NATIVITY OF OUR MOST HOLY LADY THE THEOTOKOS AND EVER-VIRGIN MARY. St. Serapion, monk of Spaso-Eleazar Monastery (Pskov). St. Lucian, abbot of Alexandrov. St. Arsenius, abbot of Konevits. New-Martyr Athanasius of Thessalonica. New-Martyr Alexander (Jacobson) (1930). (Greek Calendar: Martyrs Rufus and Rufianus. Martyrs Severus and Artemidorus. St. Sophronius of Iberia, Bishop) Icons of the Most Holy Theotokos: "Kursk-Root" Icon of the sign"; "Pochaev"; "Kholmsk"; and others. Repose of Elder Daniel of Katounakia, Mt. Athos (1929).
9 22 Afterfeast of the Nativity of the Theotokos. Holy and Righteous Ancestors of God Joachim and Anna . Martyr Severian of Sebaste. St. Joseph, abbot of Volokolamsk (or Volotsk). Martyr Chariton. Martyr Straton. St. Theophanes the confessor and faster of Mt. Diabenos. Blessed Nicetas the Hidden of Constantinople. St. Joachim, abbot of Opochka Monastery (Pskov). Opening of the Relics of St. Theodosius, Archbishop of Chernigov. Commemoration of the Third Ecumenical Council. Repose of Elder Joachim of St. Anne's Skete, Mt. Athos.
10 23 Afterfeast of the Nativity of the Theotokos. Martyrs Menodora, Metrodora, and Nymphodora at Nicomedia. Martyr Barypsabas in Dalmatia. Saints Peter and Paul, Bishops of Nicaea. St. Pulcherius the Empress. Synaxis of the Holy Apostles Apelles, Lucius and Clement of the Seventy. St. Ioasaph, monk of Kubensk (Vologda). St. Paul the Obedient of the Kiev Caves. St. Cassian, abbot of Spaso-Kamenny and Cyril of White Lake Monasteries. St. Salvius, Bishop of Albi (Gaul).
11 24 Afterfeast of the Nativity of the Theotokos. Translation of the Relics of Saints Sergius and Herman of Valaam St. Euphrosynus the Cook of Alexandria. Martyr Ia of Persia and 9,000 Martyrs with her. Martyrs Diodorus, Didymus, and Diomedes of Laodicea. Martyrs Demetrius, his wife Euanthis, and their son Demetrian at Skepsis on the Hellespont. Martyrs Serapion, Cronides (Hieronides) and Leontius of Alexandria. Canonization of St. Xenia of Petersburg (1978). Weeping Kazan Icon of "Kaplunovka". Repose of young Elder Melchizedek of Mzensk (1846) and Schemamonk Silouan of Mt. Athos (1938).
12 25 Hieromartyr Autonomus, Bishop of Italy. St. Coronatus, Bishop of Iconium. Martyr Julian of Galatia and 40 Martyrs with him. Hieromartyr Theodore of Alexandria. St. Athanasius, disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh and abbot of the Vysotsk Monastery in Serpukhov, and his disciple St. Athanasius. St. Bassian of Tikhsnen (Vologda). Translation of the Relics of Righteous Simeon of Verkhoturye. Martyr Macedonius in Phrygia, and with him Martyrs Tatian and Theodulus. (Greek Calendar: St. Daniel of Thassius, monk.)
13 26 Commemoration of the Founding of the Church of the Resurrection (the Holy Sepulchre) in Jerusalem. Hieromartyr Cornelius the Centurion. Hieromartyr Julian of Galatia (same as September 12). St. Peter of Atroe. Martyrs Elias, Zoticus, Lucian, Valerian, Macrobius and Gordian at Tomi in Rumania. Martyrs Cronides, Leontius and Serapion of Alexandria. Martyr Seleucus in Scythia. Martyr Straton (same as September 9). St. Hierotheus of Iberon Monastery (Mt. Athos). Great-Martyr Ketevan, Queen of Georgia. St. Cornelius of Padan-Olonets, dsciple of St. Alexander of Svir, and with him Saints Dionysius and Misail. (Greek Calendar: St. Basil of Ibera, monk.) Repose of Dorotheus, last hermit of the Roslavl forests (1865).
14 27 THE UNIVERSAL EXALTATION OF THE PRECIOUS AND LIFE-GIVING CROSS. Repose of St. John Chrysostom. Martyr Papas of Lycaonia. St. Placilla the Empress, wife of Theodosius the Great. New-Martyr Macarius of Thessalonica. (Greek Calendar: Holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council. Martyr Theocles and Child-martyr Valerian.) "Lesna" Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos.
15 28 Afterfeast of the Exaltation of the Cross. Great-Martyr Nicetas the Goth [II Tim 2:1-10; Matt 10:16-22]. St. Philotheus the presbyter. Martyr Porphyrius the actor. Opening of the Relics of St. Acacius, Bishop of Melitene. Opening of the Relics of Holy Protomartyr and Archdeacon Stephen. Martyrs Theodotus, Asclepiodotus, and Maximus of Adrianopolis. Saints Bessarion I and Bessarion II, Archbishops. Larissa. St. Gerasimus, abbot of Mysia. St. Joseph, abbot of Alaverd in Georgia. New-Martyr John of Crete.
16 29 Afterfeast of the Exaltation of the Cross. Great-Martyr Euphemia the All-praised [II Cor 6:1-10; Lk 7:36-50]. Martyrs Victor and Sosthenes at Chalcedon. St. Sebastiana, disciple of St. Paul the Apostle, martyred at Heraclea. Martyr Melitina of Marcianopolis. St. Dorotheus, hermit of Egypt. Martyr Ludmilla, grandmother of St. Wenceslaus, prince of the Czechs. Repose of St. Cyprian, Metropolitan of Kiev. St. Procopius, abbot of Sazava in Bohemia. New-Martyrs Isaac and Joseph of Georgia. St. Cyprian of Serbia.  
17 30 Martyr Sophia and her three daughters Faith (Vera), Hope (Nadezhda), and Love (Lyubov) at Rome. Afterfeast of the Exaltation of the Cross. Martyr Agathocleia. Martyr Theodota at Nicaea. 156 Martyrs of Palestine, including Bishops Peleus and Nilus, presbyter Zeno, and noblemen Patermuthius and Elias. Martyrs Lucy and her son Geminian of Rome. Hieromartyrs Heraclides and Myron, Bishops of Cyprus. (Greek Calendar: 100 Martyrs of Egypt. Martyrs Charalampus, Panteleon and others. St. Anastasius of Cyprus, monk. St. Eusipius of Cyprus, monk.) Repose of Blessed Agapius, disciple of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk (1825), and Blessed lay-recluse Matthew of Petersburg (1904).
18 1 Afterfeast of the Exaltation of the Cross. St. Eumenes, Bishop of Gortyna. Martyr Ariadne of Phrygia. Martyrs Sophia and Irene of Egypt. Martyr Castor of Alexandria. St. Arcadius, Bishop of Novgorod. Great-Martyr Prince Bidzini and Martyrs Prince Elizbar and Prince Shalva of Georgia. Repose of Blessed Irene of the Green Hill Monastery (18th century) and Elder Hilarion of Optina (1873).
19 2 Afterfeast of the Exaltation of the Cross. Martyrs Trophimus, Sabbatius and Dorymedon of Synnada. St. Theodore, prince of Smolensk and Yaroslav, and his children Saints David and Constantine. Martyr Zosimas, hermit of Cilicia. Hieromartyr Januarius, Bishop of Benevento, and his companions: Sosius and Proclus, deacons; Gantiol, Eutychius, Acutius, Festus and Desiderius, at Puteoli (same as April 21). Repose of Schema-hieromonk Alexis of Zosima Hermitage (1928).
20 3 Afterfeast of the Exaltation of the Cross. Great-Martyr Eustathius (Eustace) Placidas, his wife MAry Theopistes, and their children Martyrs Agapius and Theopistus, of Rome Holy Martyr and Confessor Michael and his councillor Theodore, Wonderworkers of Chernigov. St. Oleg, prince of Briansk. Martyr John the Confessor of Egypt, beheaded in Palestine, and with him 40 Martyrs. Saints Theodore and Euprepius and two named Anastasius, confessors and disciples of St. Maximus the Confessor. New-Martyr Hilarion of Crete (Mt. Athos). (Greek Calendar: Martyrs Artemidorus and Thallos. St. Meletius of Cyprus, Bishop of St. Kyr John of Crete, monk.)
21 4 Apodosis of the Exaltation of the Cross. Apostle Quadratus of the Seventy (service transferred to 22 September). Opening of the Relics of St. Demetrius, Metropolitan of Rostov. Hieromartyr Hypatius, Bishop of Ephesus, and his presbyter Andrew. Martyr Eusebius of Phoenicia. Martyr Priscus of Phrygia. Martyrs Eusebius, Nestabus and Zeno of Gaza. Saints Isaacius and Meletius, Bishops of Cyprus. St. Joseph of Zaonikiev Monastery (Vologda). St. Daniel, abbot of Shuzhgorsk (Novgorod). (Greek Calendar: St. Jonah the Sabbaite.)
22 5 Hieromartyr Phocas, Bishop of Sinope Prophet Jonah. Martyr Phocas the Gardener of Sinope. St. Jonah the Presbyter, father of St. Theophanes the Hymnographer and St. Theodore Graptus. St. Peter the Tax-collector. St. Jonah, abbot of Yashezersk. The 26 Martyrs of Zographou Monastery on Mt. Athos, martyred by the Latins (see October 10). St. Cosmas of Zographou. Martyrs Isaac and Martin. St. Macarius, abbot of Zhabyn. St. Theophanes the Silent, recluse of the Kiev Caves. Repose of Abbot Innocent of Valaam (1828) and Blessed Parasceva "Pasha of Sarov", fool-for-Christ of Diveyevo Convent (1915).
23 6 The Conception of the Honorable, Glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John [Gal 4:22-31; Lk 1:5-25] . Martyrs Andrew, John, Peter and Antoninus of Syracuse, martyred in Africa. Virgin Martyr Irais (Rhais) of Alexandria. Saints Xanthippa and Polyxena, disciples of the Apostles, who died in Spain. New-Martyr Nicholas Pantopolos at Constantinople. New-Martyr John of Epirus. New-Martyr Archimandrite Arsenius (1937). Repose of Abbess Eupraxia of Old Ladoga Convent (1823).
24 7 Holy Protomartyr and Equal-to-the-Apostles Thecla [II Tim 3:10-15; Matt 25:1-13]. St. Coprius of Palestine. St. Nicander, hermit of Pskov. St. Abramius, abbot of Mirozh (Pskov). Martyrdom of St. Galacteon, monk of Vologda. Saints Stephen (in monasticism Simon), David and Vladislav of Serbia. St. Dorothy of Kashin. Icons of the Most Holy Theotokos of "Mirozh" and of the "Myrtle Tree". Repose of Schema-archimandrite Gabriel of Pskov-Eleazar Monastery (1915).
25 8 Repose of St. Sergius, abbot, of Radonezh St. Euphrosyne, nun, of Alexandria. Martyr Paphnutius and 546 companions in Egypt. St. Euphrosyne, nun of Suzdal. Tr. re. St. Herman (Germanus), Archbishop of Kazan. Commemoration of the Earthquake in Constantinople in 447, when a boy was lifted up to heaven and heard the "Trisagion". (Greek Calendar: Martyrs Paul and Tatta and their children Sabinian, Maximus, Rufus and Eugene of Damascus.) Repose of Elder Dositheus (actually a woman), recluse of the Kiev Caves who blessed St. Seraphim to go to Sarov (1776).
26 9 Repose of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian [(1) I Jn 3:21-4:6; (2) I Jn 4:11-16; (3) I Jn 4:20-5:5. Matins: Jn 21:15-25. Liturgy: I Jn 4:12-19; Jn 19:25-27; 21:24-25]. Righteous Gideon, Judge of Israel. St. Ephraim, abbot of Perekop, Wonderworker of Novgorod. (Greek Calendar: Martyr Cyra.)
27 10 Martyr Callistratus and his company (49 Martyrs). St. Sabbatius, Wonderworker of Solovki. Apostles Mark, Aristarchus and Zenas of the Seventy. Martyr Epicharis of Rome. St. Ignatius, abbot in Asia Minor. New-Martyr Aquilina of Thessalonica. (Greek Calendar: Martyr Fortunatus and Hieromartyr Philemon. Martyr Gaiana. 25 Martyrs drowned in the sea.) Repose of Schemamonk Archippus of Glinsk Hermitage (1896).  
28 11 St. Chariton the Confessor, abbot of Palestine [(1) Wis 3:1-9; (2) Wis 5:15-6:3; (3) Wis 4:7-15. Matins: Matt 4:25-5:12. Liturgy: II Cor 4:6-15; Lk 6:17-23] . Prophet Baruch. Martyrs Alexander, Alphius, Zosimas, Mark, Nicon, Neon, Heliodorus and 24 others in Pisidia and Phrygia. Martyrdom of St. Wenceslaus, prince of the Czechs. St. Herodion, abbot of Iloezersk. St. Chariton, monk of Syanzhemsk (Vologda). (Greek Calendar: Martyr Eustace of Rome.)
29 12 St. Kyriacos the Hermit of Palestine St. Theophanes the Merciful of Gaza. Martyrs Dada, Gabdelas and Casdoe (Casdoa) of Persia. Martyr Gudelia of Persia. Eighty Holy Martyrs of Byzantium. St. Cyprian, abbot of Ustiug (Vologda). New Hieromartyr John, Archbishop of Riga in Lativa (1934). (Greek Calendar: Martyrs Tryphon, Trophimus, and Dorymedon and 150 Martyrs in Palestine. Martyr Petronia. Translation of the Relics of St. Neophytus the Enclosed. St. Auxentius the Wonderworker.) Repose of Blessed Anthony Alexseevich, fool-for-Christ of Zadonsk (1851).
30 13 Hieromartyr Gregory, Bishop of Greater Armenia [I Cor 16:13-24; Matt 24:42-47]. Martyrs Rhipsima and Gaiana and companions of Armenia. St. Michael, first Metropolitan of Kiev. St. Gregory, abbot of Pelshme, Wonderworker of Vologda. St. Michael, prince of Tver. New-Martyr Priest Nicholas Zagorovsky (Seraphim in monasticism) (1943). (Greek Calendar: Martyr Stratonicus. Martyr Mardonius.) Repose of Archimandrite Gerasim of Alaska (1969).

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