Julian Civil        
    1 14     St. Simeon the anchorite of Syracuse Bishop of Tier, Martyr Justin the Philosopher and those with him at Rome: Martyrs Justin, Chariton and his wife Charita, Euelpistus, Hierax, Peon, Valerian and Justus. St. Dionysius, abbot of Glushetsk (Vologda). St. Agapitus, unmercenary physician of the Kiev Caves. St. Metrius the Farmer. (Greek Calendar: Martyr Neon. Hieromartyr Pyrrhus the virgin. Martyr Firmus of Magus. Martyr Thespesius of Cappadocia.)    
    2 15   St. Nicephorus the Confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople. Great-Martyr John the New of Sochi, who suffered at Belgrade. New-Martyr Demetrius of Philadelphia. Hieromartyr Photinus (Pothimus), Bishop of Lyons. New-Martyr Constantine of the Hagarenes (Mt. Athos). (Greek Calendar: Hieromartyr Erasmus of Ochrid, who reposed in peace, and 8,000 Martyrs with him. New-Martyr John of Trebizond.)    
    3 16   Martyr Lucillian and those who suffered with him at Byzantium: four youths, Claudius, Hypatius, Paul and Dionysius; and Virgin Paula. Hieromartyr Lucian, and with him Julian and Maximian, at Beauvais in France. Translation of the Relics of the slain Crown Prince Demetrius of MoscowSt. Athanasius, wonderworker of Cilicia. St. Hieria, widow, of Mesopotamia. St. Clotilde (Chlotilda), Queen of France. (Greek Calendar: St. Pappos, monk.)      
    4 17   St. Metrophanes, first Patriarch of Constantinople. Hieromartyr Astius, Bishop of Dyrrachium in Macedonia. Martyr Concordius of Spoleto. Martyrs Frontasius, Severinus, Severian, and Salanus of Gaul. St. Zosimas of Cilicia, Bishop of Babylon in Egypt. St. Methodius, abbot of Peshnosha, disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh. St. Sophia of Thrace. St. John, abbot of Monagria near Cyzicus. St. Alonius of Scete in Egypt. Saints Mary and Martha, sisters of St. Lazarus. Saints Eleazar and Nazarius, wonderworkers of Olonets. New-Martyrs Archbishops. Andronicus of Perm and Basil of Chernigov, and those with them (1918). Repose of Righteous sisters Vera and Lyubov (June 8), foundresses of Shamordino Convent and Elder Ambrose of Optina (1883).      
    5 18   Hieromartyr Dorotheus, Bishop of Tyre. Repose of St. Theodore Yaroslavich, older brother of St. Alexander Nevsky. Martyrs Marcian, Nicander, Hyperechius, Apollonius, Leonides, Arius, Gorgias, Selenias, Irenius, and Pambo, of Egypt. St. Theodore the wonderworker, hermit of the Jordan. St. Anubius, confessor and anchorite of Egypt. Blessed Constantine, Metropolitan of Kiev. Blessed Igor-George, tonsured Gabriel, Great Prince of Chernigov and Kiev. St. Abba Dorotheus of Palestine. St. Peter, monk of Serbia. Finding of the relics of Saints Bassian and Jonah, monks of Pertomsk (Solovki). St. Basil, Bishop of Ryazan. New-Martyr Mark of Smyrna, who suffered in Chios. St. Illidius, Bishop of Clermont (Gaul). (Greek Calendar: Martyr Christopher of Rome. Martyr Conon of Rome.)      
    6 19   St. Bessarion the Wonderworker of Egypt. St. Hilarion the New, abbot of the Dalmatian Monastery. Virgin Martyrs Archelais, Thecla, and Susanna, beheaded at Salerno. St. Paisius, abbot of Uglich. St. Jonah, abbot of Klimetzk. St. Jonah, Bishop of Perm. Opening of the Relics of St. Barlaam, abbot of Khutyn (Novgorod)(Greek Calendar: Five virgins of Caesarea in Palestine: Martha, Mary, CyriaValeria, and Marcia. St. Attalus the Wonderworker. Martyr Gelasius. St. Photius, monk.)      
    7 20   Hieromartyr Theodotus, Bishop of Ancyra. Martyrs Cyriaca, Caleria, and Mary, of Caesarea in Palestine. Hieromartyr Marcellus, Bishop of Rome, and those with him: Sisinius and Cyriacus, deacons; Smaragdus, Largus, Apronian, Saturninus, Pappias, Maurus, Crescentian, Priscilla, Lucina, and princess Artemia. St. Daniel of Scete in Egypt. Hieromartyr Marcellinus, pope of Rome. Virgin Martyr Potemaiena of Alexandria. Martyr Zenais (Zenaida) of Caesarea in Palestine. (Greek Calendar: Holy women Aesia and Susanna, disciples of St. Pancratius of Taormina and martyred with him. Martyr Lycarion of Hermopolis in Egypt. Martyrs Tarasius and John. St. Stephen the hieromonk. St. Anthimus the hieromonk. St. Sebastian the Wonderworker.) Repose of Anthony Ivanovich, fool-for-Christ of Valaam (1832).      
    8 21   Translation of the Relics of Great-Martyr Theodore Stratelates [II Tim 2:1-10; Matt 10:16-22]. St. Ephraim, Patriarch of Antioch. St. Zosimas, monk of Phoenicia (Syria). St. Atre (Athre) of Nitria in Egypt. St. Naucratius, abbot of the Studion. St. Theodore, Bishop of Rostov and Suzdal. New-Martyr Theophanes at Constantinople. Finding of the relics of Saints Basil and Constantine, princes of Yaroslavl. St. Theophilus of Luga and Omutch, disciple of St. Arsenius of Konevits (Valaam). NEW HIEROMARTYRS Barlaam (1942) and his brother Herman (1937). (Greek Calendar: Martyr Callopia. St. Melania, nun. Martyr Nicander. Martyr Mark.)      
    9 22   St. Cyril, Archbishop of Alexandria [Heb 13:7-16; Matt 5:14-19]. St. Cyril, abbot of White Lake (Byelozersk). St. Alexander, abbot of Kushta (Vologda). Five nuns beheaded in Persia: Martyrs Thecla, Mariamne, Martha, Mary, and Enmatha. Righteous Cyril of Velsk or Vazhesk (Vologda). (Greek Calendar: Hieromartyr Alexander of Prusa. Martyr Ananias. St. Cyril, monk. Three Virgin Martyrs of Chios.) Repose of Hieromonk Vitaly of Valaam (1856).      
    10 23   Hieromartyr Timothy, Bishop of Prusa. Martyr Alexander and Virgin Martyr Antonina at Constantinople. St. Bassian, Bishop of Lodi in Lombardy. St. Theophanes, monk of Antioch, and St. Pansemne, the former harlot of Antioch. St. John Maximovitch, Metropolitan of Tobolsk. St. Silvanus of the Kiev Caves. (Greek Calendar: Martyr Neaniscus the Wise of Alexandria. St. Canides, monk of Cappadocia. St. Apollo, Bishop, St. Alexius of Bithynia, Bishop) Hieromartyr Metrophanes, the first Chinese priest, and the Chinese New-Martyrs of the Boxer Uprising, at Peking and other places, in 1900. Namesday of Blessed Archbishop John Maximovitch. Repose of Elder Nahum of Solovki (1853) and Schemamonk Sergius of Valaam (1860).      
    11 24   Holy Apostles Bartholomew and Barnabas. Opening of the Relics of St. Ephraim, abbot of Novotorzhk. St. Barnabas, abbot of Vetluga. Translation of the Relics of St. Arcadius, monk of Vyazma and Novotorzhk. Commemoration of the appearance of Archangel Gabriel to a monk on Mt. Athos, and the reveleation of the hymn "It is truly meet" (Axion estin). (Greek Calendar: Martyr Theopemptus and four others.) Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "Axion Estin". Repose of Righteous recluse Melania of Eletz and Zadonsk (1836).      
    12 25   Saints Onuphrius the Great, and Peter of Mt. Athos. St. Arsenius, abbot of Konevits. Saints John, Andrew, Heraclemon, and Theophilus, hermits of Egypt (also 2 December). St. John the Soldier of Egypt. St. Onuphrius, abbot of Malsk (Pskov). Saints Onuphrius and Auxentius, monks of Vologda. St. Stephen of Komel, abbot of Ozersk Monastery (Vologda). New-Martyr Bishop Onuphrius (1938) and his cosufferers Hieromartyrs Anthony, Barsanuphius and Joseph (1937). (Greek Calendar: St. Julian of Dagaz. St. Zeno, monk.)    
    13 26   Martyr Aquila of Byblos in Syria. St. Triphyllius, Bishop of Leucosia (Nicosia) in Cyprus. Martyr Antonina of Nicaea. St. Anna and her son St. John of Constantinople. St. Antipater, Bishop of Bostra in Arabia. St. Andronicus, disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh, and St. Sabbas, abbots of Moscow. Finding of the relics of New-Martyr Nicholas the Deacon of Lesbos. (Greek Calendar: St. James, monk, who was deceived and worshipped the Antichrist. St. Eulogius, Patriarch of Antioch. Martyr Diodorus of Emesus who was crucified.) Repose of Abbess Alexandra, foundress of Diveyevo Convent (1789).      
    14 27   Prophet Elisha [Jas 5:10-20; Lk 4:22-30]. St. Methodius, Patriarch of Constantinople. St. Niphon of Mt. Athos. St. Mstislav-George, prince of Novgorod. St. Elisha, monk of Sumsk (Solovki). St. Methodius, abbot of Peshnosha. St. Julitta (Julia) of Tabenna in Egypt. St. Joseph, Bishop of Thessalonica    
    15 28   Prophet Amos. St. Jonah, Metropolitan of Moscow. Martyrs Vitus, Modestus, and Crescentia at Lucania. Martyr Dulas of Cilicia. St. Jerome (Hieronymus) of Stridonium. St. Dulas the Passion-bearer of Egypt. St. Lazarus, prince of Serbia. Translation of the Relics of St. Theodore the Sykeote. St. Orsiesius of Tabenna, disciple of St. Pachomius the Great. Blessed Augustine, Bishop of Hippo. Saints Gregory and Cassian, abbots of Avnezhk (Vologda). St. Michael, first Metropolitan of Kiev. St. Symeon, Archbishop of Novgorod. St. Ephraim, Patriarch of Serbia. Martyr Leonis (Leonida) of Syria. St. Abraham, abbot of Auvergne (Gaul). (Greek Calendar: Apostles Fortunatus, Achaicus, and Stephen. Martyr Grace. St. Joseph, monk of Bethlehem.) Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "Marianica". Repose of Jonah, fool-for-Christ of Peshnosha Monastery (1838).    
    16 29   St. Tychon, Bishop of Amathus in Cyprus. St. Tikhon (Tychon) of Luchlv. St. Tikhon of Kaluga or Medin. St. Tikhon of Krestogorsk (Vologda). Martyrs Tigirius and Eutropius of Constantinople. St. Mark the Just of Apollonias, nephew of Apostle Barnabas. New-Martyr Hermogenes (Germogen), Bishop of Tobolsk (1918). (Greek Calendar: Five Martyrs of Nicomedia. Forty Martyrs of Rome.) Repose of Archimandrite Moses, founder of Optina Skete (1862) and of Elder Gerasimus of St. Tikhon of Kaluga Monastery (1898).    
    17 30   Martyrs Manuel, Sabel, and Ismael of Persia. Hieromartyr Philoneides, Bishop of Kurion in Cyprus. Saints Joseph and Pior, disciples of St. Anthony the Great. The Alfanov brothers (see May 4). St. Ananias the Iconographer of Novgorod. (Greek Calendar: lM Isaurus, and with him Basil, Innocent, Felix, Hermes and Peregrinus of Athens.)    
    18 1   Martyr Leontius, and with him Martyrs Hypatius and Theodulus, at Tripoli in Syria [Acts 12:1-11; Jn 15:17-16:2]. St. Leontius, clairvoyant of Dionysiou Monastery on Mt. Athos. Martyr Aetherus of Nicomedia. St. Leontius, canonarch of the Kiev Caves. (Greek Calendar: St. Erasmus, monk. St. Leontius the Shepherd, monk.) "Bogoliubsk" Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos.      
    SATURDAY CLOSEST TO JUNE 19 / JULY 2: St. John (Maximovic) of Shanghai and San Francisco.    
    19 2   Holy Apostle Jude, the Brother of the Lord. Martyr Zosimas the Soldier at Antioch in Pisidia. St. Paisius the Great. St. John the Solitary of Jerusalem. St. Zeno, hermit of Egypt. St. Barlaam, monk of Shenkursk. Holy Myrrh-bearer Mary, mother of Apostle James. New-Martyr Bishop Parthenius (1937). (Greek Calendar: Hieromartyr Asyncretus, martyred at the Church of Holy Peace by the Sea in Constantinople.) Repose of Blessed John (Maximovitc), Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco (1966), and Archbishop Leonty of Chile (1971).      
    20 3   Hieromartyr Methodius, Bishop of Patara. Martyrs Aristocleus presbyter, Demetrian deacon, and Athanasius reader, of Cyprus. Martyrs Inna, Pinna, and Rimma, disciples of Apostle Andrew in Scythia. St. Leucius, Bishop of Brindisi. Holy Prince Gleb Andreevich. St. Nahum of Ochrida. Translation of the Relics of St. Gurias, Archbishop of Kazan. St. Callistus, Patriarch of Constantinople. Translation of the Relics and garments of Apostles Luke, Andrew and Thomas, the Prophet Elisha, and Martyr Lazarus, to the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople. Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "Odigitria" ("Directress") at the Monastery of Xenophon on Mt. Athos.      
    21 4   Martyr Julian of Tarsus in Cilicia. Hieromartyr Terence (Tertius), Bishop of Iconium. St. Julius, presbyter of Novara, and his brother St. Julian the deacon. New-Martyr Nicetas of Nisyros near Rhodes. Martyrs Archil II and Luarsab II, kings of Georgia. Martyr Aphrodisius in Cilicia. (Greek Calendar: Martyr Julian of Libya. Hieromartyr Anthony, Anastasius who was raised from the dead, Celsius and his mother Vasilissa, 20 prison guards and 7 brothers, martyred with St. Julian.)    
    22 5   Hieromartyr Eusebius, Bishop of Samosota. Martyrs Galacteon, Juliana, and Satruninus of Constantinople. Martyrs Zeno and his servant Zenas of Philadelphia. St. Alban, Protomartyr of Britain. St. Anastasius the Serbian. (Greek Calendar: Martyr Pompian.) Repose of Righteous Mary the Cave-digger of White Mountain Monastery near Voronezh (1822) and of Schemamonk Theoktist of Valaam (1863).    
    23 6   Martyr Agrippina of Rome. Martyrs Eustochius, Gaius, Probus, Lollius, and Urban of Ancyra. Righteous Youth Artemius of Verkolsk. Saints Joseph, Anthony and Ioannicius, abbots of Vologda. Tr. rel St. Herman (Germanus), Archbishop of Kazan. Translation of the Relics of St. Michael of Klops Monastery, fool-for-Christ. New-Martyr Maxim, Bishop of Serphukhov (1931). New-Martyr Archbishop Metrophan of Astrakhan, and Bishop Leonty of Enotaevsa, and those with them. The Meeting of the Vladimir Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos. Repose of Schemamonk Zosimas of Solovki (1855).    
    24 7   Nativity of St. John the Baptist Martyrs Orentius, Pharnacius, Eros, Firmus, Firminus, Cyriacus, and Longinus, in Georgia. St. Anthony, abbot of Dymsk (Novgorod). St. Michael, Great Prince of Tver. New-Martyr Panagiotes of Caesaria in Cappadocia. (Greek Calendar: Synaxis of Righteous Zachariah and Elizabeth.)    
    25 8   Virgin Martyr Febronia of Nisibis. Prince and Princess Febronia (tonsured David and Euphrosyne), Wonderworkers of Murom. Virgin Martyrs Leonis, Libye, and Eutropia of Syria. St. Symeon of Sinai. Saints Dionysius and Dometius of the Monastery of the Forerunner on Mt. Athos. New-Martyr Procopius of Mt. Athos, who suffered at Smyrna. New-Martyr George of Attalia. Repose of Hiero-deacon Serapion (1859) and Schema-archimandrite Heliodorus of Glinsk Hermitage (1879).      
    26 9   St. David of Thessalonica. St. John, Bishop of the Goths in Crimea. St. Dionysius, Archbishop Suzdal. Translation of the Relics of St. Tikhon of Luchov. New-Martyr David of St. Anne's Skete, martyred in Thessalonica. St. Serapion of Kozha Lake. (Greek Calendar: St. Anthion, monk.) Appearance of the Tikhvin Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos; Kazan Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "Of the Seven Lakes".    
    27 10   St. Sampson the Hospitable of Constantinople [Gal 5:22-6:2; Lk 12:32-40]. St. Severus, presbyter of Interocrea in Italy. St. Joanna the Myrrh-bearer. Martyr Anectus of Caesarea in Cappadocia. Blessed Martin of Turov. New-Martyr priest Gregory Nikolsky (1918). (Greek Calendar: St. Luke the hermit. Martyrs Mark and Marcia. Hieromartyr Pierius, presbyter of Antioch.)      
    28 11   Saints Sergius and Herman, abbots of Valaam. Translation of the Relics of the Holy and Wonderworking Unmercenaries Cyrus and John. St. Paul the Physician of Corinth. St. Xenophon, abbot of Robeika (Novgorod). (Greek Calendar: Martyr Pappias. Martyr Macedonius. St. Vulkian, monk, and St. Moses the Anchorite. Two children crucified for Christ. Hieromartyr Donatus of Libya. Three Martyrs of Galatia. 70 Martyrs of Scythopolis. St. Magnus, monk who reposed while praying to the Lord. Blessed Sergius the Magistrate, founder of the Monastery of the Mother of God called Nikitiatus in Nicomedia.) Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "Of the Three Hands".      
    29 12   The Holy, Glorious and All-Praised Leaders of the Apostles, Peter and Paul. St. Peter, prince of the Tatar Horde, Wonderworker of Rostov. Opening of the Relics of St. Nicander, monk of Pskov. Repose of Archbishop Andrew (Fr. Adrian) of New Diveyevo (1979).      
    30 13   Synaxis of the Holy, Glorious and All-Praised Twelve Apostles: Peter, Andrew, James and John the sons of Zebedee, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, Jude the brother of James, Simon Zelotes, and Matthias [I Cor 4:9-16; Mk 3:13-19]. St. Sophronius, Bishop of Irkutsk. New-Martyr Michael of Athens. St. Andrew, prince of Bogoliubsk. (Greek Calendar: Martyr Meleton. Martyr Peter of Synope.) Repose of Bishop Nestor of San Francisco and Alaska (1882).    

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